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Perhaps no legal matter creates more conflict to Christian values than that of divorce.  Besides the emotional strain and heartbreak that affect yourself and loved ones, internal guilt can create. Often times we question ourselves, even if the pending divorce is the wish or result of a spouse’s actions.  It’s not uncommon to ask yourself these questions:

“If I’m seeking legal counsel, doesn’t that demonstrate my willingness to participate in a process that is largely perceived as a sin’?

“By hiring an attorney, am I making a bad example as a Christian?”

“Will my kids think I’m trying to make life worse for their mom or dad?”

As Christian Divorce and Famly Law Attorneys in Arizona, we at The Hogle Law firm understand your dilemma.  This is why we take an alternative approach to divorce cases.  Our goal is to create a process that encourages meaningful resolution   We want to make sure that you and your loved ones are able to re-establish a solid foundation going forward in life.  If all efforts at reconciliation are relinquished, and divorce is inevitable, we can still guarantee the best legal counsel and protection. We know your legal protections are sacred; so too, are your moral values, character, an example. Remember, divorce does NOT have to result in permanently fractured relationships.  When children are involved, upholding these principles during this sensitive process is vital.

This is why we do everything in our power to work with all parties involved.  Litigation and trial should always be avoided.  This not only promotes a sign of existing respect and unity for the children but can also save thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars. If he or she insists on hiring their own attorney, that is their absolute right, and we then take the same approach while negotiating with their legal team. What’s important is preserving the most harmonious atmosphere possible DURING these settlement negotiations.  We understand how tense and gut-wrenching these matters are.  Much is at stake.  But now more than ever, we must remember our most sincere principles as Christians and the impact of our examples.

The divorce process is difficult enough, and emotions are always heightened.  Children easily detect bitterness and strife during this phase more than any other time. Dissolvent of your marital status will never change your role in co-parenting.  We believe that your sincerest effort in maintaining a harmonious relationship as co-parents is expected from God. Most important, these actions will be observed and appreciated by your children.  Let us remember important words from 19th-century evangelist D.L. Moody: “If I take my care of my character, my reputation will take care of itself.”

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